An Ultimate IT Support

We resolve the IT issue.

Superfast Service

Anything about the IT

Dual language

Most of the troubleshooting done within 8 hours includes travel time.

We can do most of your IT requirement, server, workstation, CCTV, Network, and especially for the professional business type. (Lawyer, CPA, ETC)

We can help with your language, Korean and English available. if you want to take your own language IT report, we can make it.


Do you have a question for your IT environment?

I have an answer for you. Free consultation available.

Outstanding Support

A dedicated support staff and extensive knowledge base of solutions.

Most of the questions answered within a few hours.

We know what you need

Most of the customer is not friendly IT field.

our experienced staffs can help you with what you need it.

IT solution partner company

We proudly service Hard disk data recovery with the Gillware Data Recovery service.

Customer POS with EMV solution provides with datacap systems.

We have a credit card processing partnership with Wordpay.

Get Started with Qtech System

Create your dream IT environment.

IT Technical Support

We evaluate what you need it and what is missing on your business. After this procedure, we will suggest your missing items in your IT environment.

  • Computer repair/data backup/Windows configuration
  • Server configuration, email server, file server setup
  • Network firewall, personal firewall setup

Network Support

Many modern electric devices required the internet connection, not just plug and play. moreover, you need no more wifi shade areas. We eliminate wifi shading area and more speed with strong protection.

  • Extend your network
  • Add strong wifi, add wifi extender, access point

Custom POS program

We develop the most recent technology POS program. it’s unique, fast and reliable with the strong database. Also, it processes US debit and EMV credit card processing.

We proudly partner with datacapsystems