Mikrotik Router Basic Setup

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I use the Hap ac2 model for testing and deploy. It has enough space for the small office or home users.

When you do the first time setup the router, you need put the WAN (Internet) to the Port 1. The other port like 2 ~ 5 can use Local Lan.

Router factory Default IP:

Default Wan port: Port 1

So, you need put to the port 1 the internet wire from the modem. And connect the other line to the port 2 from your computer.

Now, put the power line to the router. Open the browser.

QuickSet Screen

You can see Quick set (Basic set) on the screen.

My Wan line DHCP bring it you may see different IP address. It depends on the environment.

Now, click the WebFig button.

Webfig screen

It is time to change the id or password for it.

Go to the system -> Users

Webfig users menu
Webfig users menu

Click the admin user, and change the password as you wish.

Now, Please download the winbox from left menu.

After download the winbox program

You can connect the router with your IP or MAC address. I prefer to use the MAC address.


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