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Too many spam emails?, and want to report the spam? is one of the best spam reporting service in the web word.

Here are the steps for reporting the spam.

  1. Go to the spamcop web site. (
“Register Now” button.

** If you don’t have the account, please make it one.

Here is how to register information, you can follow the steps after “Register now”.

Register for the free reporting service screen

After login, you need add information, in the form. You need red 1, blue 1 content.

Here is how to get headers, email body.

Empty reporting screen

I used Microsoft MS Outlook 2016 version for demonstration.

outlook 2016 screen shot
  • Click the file menu.
outlook 2016 email properties
  • Click the property
outlook 2016 internet headers
  • As you can see, you need copy the “Internet headers” information with CTRL + C after double click for grab the headers information. process spam screen
  • In the Red 1, you need paste with CTRL + V. also need to fill up email contents copy CTRL + C, CTRL + V for blue 2.
  • After fill up the contents, you need click the “Process Spam” button.
smapcop final step
  • Final step, please click the “Send Spam Report(s) Now” button.

Let’s make clean email for the world ! Thank you,


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